Great deals at Nordstrom today...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nordstrom posts new markdowns on Tuesday and today is a good one!  These great little "Angelica" baby dresses (up to 24 months) from Peek are 50% right now at $23.98!  And that lovely, lovely floral "wildflower" skirt for babies from Peek is also 50% off at $23.98.  There is also a toddler through big girls version of the "wildflower" skirt, but it is unfortunately not yet on sale at Nordstrom (and priced at $68... ouch).  However, it is marked down to $50.99 on Peek's website if you just can't wait for the Nordstrom markdown.

And, for boys who need to dress up:  This pink "Michael" oxford shirt for little and big boys is 60% off, marked down from $42 to just $16.80.  And a nice selection of religious/holiday ties is a whopping 70% off right now!  Both the Easter egg and the Star of David silk ties below are marked down from $32.50 to just $9.75.  Time to stock up from next Easter, right?

And finally, this great little cardigan for babies in cream and purple and the two-pack of toddler tights from Boden are also a steal this week.  The dotted "ditzy" pattern tights are just $11.98 for both pairs (I really enlarged the image so that you could see the tiny dots) and the Peek "plum" cardigan is also half off at just $18.98.

Shipping on all orders from Nordstrom is free, as are returns.  Three cheers for Nordy's today!


  1. The wildflower skirt appeared on Modern Family (Lily was wearing it) the day after this post - it made me drool over it even more!!

    1. Now I like that show even more! I think it is one of the cutest skirts out there right now. Thanks for the note, Aliesha!


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