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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I got a great email this morning from Gilt.  It was a 30% off coupon code that is good until April 12th, for up to $75 dollars off of any purchase at Gilt.  Did you get this too?  Because, if you did and you need a double stroller, read on.  I happened to remember that Gilt hosted a good Maclaren sale a while back.  The Techno Twin strollers (see the three across the top row above) had been marked down from $445 to $290... one of the best deals of the sale.  We really need to replace our old Maclaren Rally Twin (the ancient 2006 predecessor to the Twin Triumph) and I had kept that Techno deal in the back of my mind on a sort of wish list.  Luckily, Gilt still had the Twin Technos and lots of other strollers so I whipped out that coupon code and found that, even including the delivery surcharge, the total for the Twin Techno came to just $235!  Pretty good for a heavy duty double umbrella stroller, right?  There was another great Gilt deal on the Twin Triumph in charcoal gray (first stroller in the second row).  It had been marked down to just $210, though the magic coupon code put the total at just $163 (including delivery surcharge)!  Gilt also has footmuffs, single strollers and other accessories left as well, so be sure to have a look at their Maclaren leftovers from previous sales.  UPDATE (4/11):  It turns out that the coupon code "GILT 30"only works through the link in your email and is customer specific.  My apologies to those of you who tried to use it yesterday and found that it did not work for you.  I was unaware that the code "GILT30" was not universal.  The Twin Techno price of $290 is still available through the links below.

I then started scouring the internet for other Maclaren deals and found that Amazon is having a 15% off sale on select baby items, including a handful of strollers and accessories from Maclaren.  They had marked the Twin Triumph in black (second stroller on bottom row) down from $295 to $199 and with the extra 15% off, it came to just $166!  Also a pretty great deal.  We have loved our Maclaren double.  It folds down pretty compactly for a double stroller, pushes pretty easily and is just plain handy for travel.  We usually have this stroller bungee-corded to the back of the third-row seats in our minivan, standing on end.  It takes up very little room and comes in handy all the time.  It has suffered countless abuses at the hand of my twins and the airlines and had really held out.  I will be sad to see it finally go, though will happily await the arrival of its shiny successor!  I highly recommend the black color because it just does not show dirt and wear the way the lighter colors do.

Here are the links:

From Gilt
Maclaren Twin Techno in crown blue, black and champagne $445 $290
Click here for all Maclaren items on Gilt

From Amazon (15% off coupon code is 15BABY15)
Maclaren Twin Triumph in black $295 $166
Click here for all Maclaren items that qualify for the extra 15% off on Amazon

Happy affordable strolling to all!!


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  2. GILT30 discount code didn't work ...

    1. Oh man. I feel really bad about this! I called Gilt and they told me that the coupon discount codes that go out in emails are completely specific to the account of the email holder and can't be used otherwise. I did not realize this and really apologize for getting your hopes up. However, the Amazon deal for the Twin Triumph in black works fine.

  3. I'll just have to sign up then! Thank you for the idea of bungee cording the stroller upright standing on end. we've always put ours down horizontally and disliked how it left dirt stains on anything that was on top of the wheels. also, the amazon price is a bit lower -- $169.99 after the discount. snatched that one up. Thank you.

    1. I am so glad that you found one that worked for you... sorry again for the misinformation! That bungee cord thing really does saves all sort of dirty wheel exposure. Especially if you put the handles toward the seat back (so the wheels don't rub on the seat) and just lock the bottom wheels that rest on the floor of the well so it won't roll around. It will stay in its place while driving and leave you so much more cargo room!

      I think also that I will change the price in the post to reflect the pre-tax amount on the Amazon Twin Triumph since that varies by state. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Enjoy your day!

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