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Friday, April 5, 2013

From today until midnight on April 7th (Sunday), you can take an additional 20% off of the Olive Juice outlet items with the coupon code below!  Everything pictured above is currently marked down to the $15-$20 range, which means that with the additional discount, the prices would be in the $12-$16 range.  That is really, really good considering where these prices started out (the dresses and sweaters were originally around $50 each).  Sizes are very limited, but the website allows you to search by size, which makes it a bit faster to find what you are looking for.

If you feel like extending yourself a bit more price-wise, these two great dressy knit options below are currently $25 each, making them just $20 each after the discount.  Plus, they both come in navy as well!  There were also several great gingham pieces in fantastic springy colors in the outlet, though I did not picture them because the discounts weren't quite as impressive (we do have our standards, after all, here at The Diminutive Review...).   But do have a look at them as you're browsing!   So pretty.

I hope that your weekend will be relaxing and warm.  We have a piano recital for one of my kids tonight and I am anxiously awaiting his dress pants that should arrive today by UPS.  They were a pretty good deal and shipped directly from Amazon, which is a good thing because I ordered them yesterday (Amazon is a real enabler for us procrastinators).  If they end up being a decent as I hope they will be, I will post on them next week.  Happy Friday, everyone!

Coupon Code: GREAT


  1. thank you for posting all these great sales! Lots of picks for my own kids and for gifts. I realize I need to act fast on many of items as they sell out fast! I read your sale post in the middle of the night and fell asleep before I finished ordering it! I was bummed to have missed the sale as they were really good!

    1. So true! Speed is key. I hate it when I see a great sale or deal and don't even have time to write a post about it (let alone take advantage of it myself) before it has sold out or ended. I think that we all need a personal staff of full-time deal watchers...

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. you are mine, thank you! I am finding wonderful gifts for three little people here. Hope all goes well for your son and his recital! Have a wonderful weekend.


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