Some good finds at Nordstrom...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Not to be worn together, perhaps, but great nonetheless.  The versatile suede 'Blakely' boots from Tucker + Tate on the left would be so cute next fall and winter with striped tights and are 50% off at $29.96.  They are available in sizes 5 infant and then sizes 8-12 (including all of the half sizes).  And for the three year-old who loves Brave, these Hanna Andersson Merida pajamas win on two levels: 1) they have a Disney character on the front and 2) they are Hanna Andersson pajamas and are soft, well-made and will wear like iron (also 50% off at $20.98)  Both the boots and the pajamas qualify for free shipping from Nordstrom.


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