$17 orange Salt Water sandals in size 5 at 6pm...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Salt Waters!!  These cute orange originals in size 5 toddler are just $16.99 at 6pm right now, with free shipping.  That's 41% off.  I hesitated to even post about these because of the single size available, but the deal was too good to pass by.  I just hope one of you has a little size 5 foot in your life that needs these (or even a size 6 foot ... these sandals run pretty big)!  6pm has a few other styles available as well for pretty good prices (not as good as $16.99, but decent nonetheless).  Oddly, all of their Salt Waters are orange.  Great if you are trying to match this dress from 6pm that is also $16.99 with free shipping... what a perfect Easter outfit for a steal.  If your child is not a size 5, Amazon still has a great selection for all ages and sizes.


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