Danish MP tights and a big discount...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Have your kids ever worn MP tights and socks from Denmark?  They are so soft and really do wear like iron.  I started investing in these about 6 years ago for my small people and they have been fantastic hand-me-downs.  The tights are my favorite!  Beautiful patterns and stripes in every color imaginable (see some examples above).  However, like almost anything, this type of quality comes with a price.  They are expensive.  And very difficult to find (although I noticed that Garnet Hill recently started selling some of their tights).  I was so happy to find the online retailer Kids Fashion Brokers, that sells the complete line of MP products to US customers.  Here's the good news for today:  they are currently running a promotion of 40% off any order of $100 or more.  I know what you're thinking... who would pay $100 for a shipment of kids' socks?  Well, you may not want to, but if you ordered with some friends as a group, this promotion absolutely makes sense.  They sell MP socks and tights in solids, stripes, patterns, wool or cotton and have the best selection of knee socks.  Oh, and did I mention that they also sell adult sizes?  So, you could conceivably cobble together a $100 order with friends and get all of that beautiful Danish workmanship for $60.  Plus, if you took advantage of the Sanita kids' clogs promotion at 6pm this week (see this post), you could now order something to wear with those great clogs.  Vidunderlig!!

40% off coupon code: HUGESALE
(promotion ends 9/17)


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