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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

image from the 2012 Sanita catalog
Clogs seem to bring out strong opinions in people.  I, for example, love the way they look and my husband does not.  To keep the peace at home, we don't discuss it much.  I don't think we're alone: it seems like most people are polarized about clogs.  (As a side note, I would much rather talk about clog opinions these days than almost anybody's political opinion!  I think that it was the current election that drove me to starting this blog.)  Opinions aside, it is hard to argue with the incredible discount on Sanita clogs from Denmark at 6pm.com right now.  These clogs will last and last and last and last at price that screams "disposable".  Perfect!  6pm has several colors available currently in kids' Sanitas.   Most are now marked down 50-70%, from $80 originally to the $30 range.  Shipping is free on all orders from 6pm.com.  A little folklore in her winter wardrobe would be charming, right?  Plus, they provide excellent arch support and the curved sole is designed to correctly align everything from legs to backs for unbeatable comfort.  If you think that these are cute rather than costume-ish, we should meet up for lunch.  And if you don't like them, let's meet up for lunch anyway and discuss our personal views on religion, since politics and clogs are out.

Here are some of the Sanita Kids offerings on sale at 6pm.com right now:

Red patent Gitte, $80 $29.99
Black patent Gitte, $80 $36.99 $31.99
Navy Gitte Cabrio, $73 $29.99 $21.99
White patent Gitte, $80 $31.99 $44.99

(prices keep changing...)

Like they say at Sanita, "50 million Danish toes can't be wrong!"


  1. Being that my husband is Danish, these are the perfect birthday present for our soon to be 6-year-old at home. She is going to love having "real" Danish clogs!!

    1. Excellent! That will make for a proud papa too, I imagine! And happy upcoming birthday to your daughter.


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