Can't ignore some cheap Chuck Taylors...

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Converse hi-tops in dazzling blue and Aruba blue; lo-tops in Aruba blue

Converse Chuck Taylors can be great shoes for kids in that they are highly WASHABLE.  When I know that my small people are probably going to get their feet really dirty, I put them in these.  Perhaps not the most supportive kids' shoes out there, but they do stay on well and can take a beating gracefully.  I saw the highly-discounted pairs pictured above on (Zappos' discount website) and didn't want anyone to miss out!  These three pairs of Chuck Taylors have been marked down to $13.50 (for a limited time) and the shipping is free.  If you are not crazy about these particular colors, substituting a pair of J. Crew kids' sneaker laces could change your mind (they come in lots of great colors).  I really wish that the laces were also on sale, but $4 per pair with free shipping is not the end of the world.  So here are some possible combinations:
A word about laces length:  Crewcuts offers 2 lengths for kids.  The MacAllister laces are 22.5 inches long and work really well for the toddler lo-top sizes up through 8.  After that, you really do need the longer sneaker laces at 37.5 inches.  I do not have as much experience with the hi-tops and lace substitution, though I suspect that, with 5 lace grommets on each side, the longer laces would be necessary for sizes 6 and up.  If I am wrong, the laces are returnable to any J Crew store!  I realize that extra laces do raise the price of the shoes from $13.50 to $17.50, but overall it is still a good deal.  Besides, small feet that are brightly-clad are easier to track in a crowd, right?


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