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Friday, August 24, 2012

I love gray shoes for little girls.  I also really love well-made European kids' shoes that are supportive and good for growing feet.  Venturing into the world of higher-end kids shoes, you quickly start encountering price tags ranging from $50 per pair to well over $100.  When we lived in Brooklyn, I used to pass by a small, locally-owned children's shoe store specializing in just such merchandise.  The owner was an incredibly loud, somewhat pushy guy who could talk a blue streak about the injuries and deformities he had seen over the years from shoddy, ill-fitted footwear.  He stressed me out and pushed all the right parental indignation buttons in me as we shook our heads together in disbelief at the choices of some parents...

Well, I could never go in there to just browse because he would guilt me into buying a pair of shoes at full price each time.  Now, several years and a couple of kids later I too often find myself joining the group of some parents (two of my kids just complained to me about how their cheap canvas tennis shoes are so small that they are actually causing pain... whoops).  I am seeking to reform. I find that has an amazing selection of European kids' shoes, many of which carry diminutive price tags.  Today it is about gray shoes and here are my two picks for the girls, from Italy (and Amazon) to you:
left: Naturino Paris T-strap, $65.95 $36.34, right: Primigi Andes Mary Jane, $61.96 $28.00
These gray beauties are primarily available in new walker-ish sizes (20-22 European), though there is one pair left of the Naturino in a 28.  In the event that your little girl does not fall into these size brackets, there are several other colors and sizes available (also try this for the Naturino Paris, similar discount).  Both offer arch support and breathable, padded footbeds.  About 50% off makes either of these a pretty good buy... free shipping and free returns too.  Just be careful as you click between sizes on Amazon.  The price may vary significantly from one size of a shoe to the next (even though the color is the same).  Keep your wits about you!


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