A steal on Petit Bateau bodysuit sets for the newest newborns...

Monday, April 14, 2014

Petit Bateau makes the softest bodysuits for babies.  If you, or someone you know, is having a baby in the next little while, this set of three long-sleeve bodysuits is 70% off at Amazon right now at just $11.88!  I think that these are perfect for boys and girls, though they are only available in the 1 month size.  There is also a short sleeve set in the same colors that is also 70% off ($10.56), also only in the 1 month size.  These are perfect for fitting that brand new little person who seems to swim in all of his or her other clothes!  I remember having one preemie bodysuit on hand when my first child was born (he was a 7.5 pounder) and it was the only thing that seemed to be the right size for a little while.  The quantities are very limited, but it was such a good deal that I did not want to fail to mention it.

If you miss out on this Petit Bateau deal and still need bodysuits, see what you think of these from Leveret.  They are just $9.99-$10.99 for a short sleeve pack of 5 and they come in white, pink or blue.  There is also a long-sleeve set of 5 for $11.99.  I love the Leveret pajamas because they are soft, inexpensive and they wash so well.  I assume that the bodysuits would be no different (plus, they get great reviews).


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