Green Toys at Zulily today...

Friday, March 7, 2014

There is a pretty good selection of Green Toys available at Zulily today, and the prices are decent as well.  These toys are my favorite because they are made of recycled plastic and they are STURDY.  We have lots of these and they have never, not once, broken or bent.  My kids adore them and play with them long past the ages you might think kids would and I love how they look.  Green Toys is a fantastic toy company and I will always promote discounts of their products.

As a helpful hint, if you love these toys too and live near a HomeGoods store, check there for Green Toys.  The prices are usually really low and then you won't have to pay shipping!


  1. Green Toys is an amazing company! Their toys are invincible so when I was shopping for sand toys our son's preschool play yard, I emailed them to find out if they sold their buckets separately from the sets. They don't but they offered to send some to the school as a donation (without being asked). A couple of weeks later, 6 sets of sand toys arrived at the school! So generous and such great products, too.

    1. I love that story! Their toys are awesome and I am so glad to hear that it is also a company with a generous heart.


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