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Thursday, January 23, 2014

I love all of the clothes I have ever bought for my children from Zara.  The quality is excellent and the understated colors and simple styles are always a breath of fresh air in a technicolor kids' clothing world.  This little belted wool blend dress is a perfect example.  It is currently a bit over 50% off at just $19.99 and is classic and modern all at once.  And it would go with any color of tights in the world!!

And these great cotton cardigans are also 50% off at just $9.99.  We bought one of these in the fall and I have loved it.  It washes beautifully (especially when laid flat to dry) and looks beautiful with dresses, pants, skirts and shorts.  If you don't have a Zara kids near you, the website is great and there is free shipping for all orders over $50 (shipping for items under $50 isn't too bad either).


  1. Zara used to have free shipping, do you know what happened to that?

    1. Not sure... it just disappeared one day. Real bummer. Hope you and your family are well!

  2. Thanks Natalie we are well! Super bummed about Zara shipping, I used to order from them all the time. Glad to see your posts:)


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