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Monday, October 7, 2013

I was just notified that the sale prices have been posted and the Kayce Hughes "Sale on Sale" is on starting now!  The best part is that the notification email for their subscribers won't go out until tomorrow, so you can get a head start today.  The great denim skirt on the far left above is just $8.  The red corduroy dress next to it is $20 (marked down from $90).  The striped sleeveless top is just $5 and the red checked summer dress is also $20.  This sale is fantastic; see some of the other prices below:

Girls woven dresses $20
Girls knit dresses $15
Woven tops $10
Knit tops $5
Skirts $10
John Johns $12
Boys sets $16
Swim & coverups $10
All baby bubbles/sets $12

most dresses $30
all tops $15
skirts & coverups $20

Because of the extremely low prices, all sales are final.  Hurry because things will start disappearing fast tomorrow.  And many thanks to the folks at Kayce Hughes for notifying us early!!  Excuse me while I place my order...


  1. I'm such a sucker for these deals. Next summer, Edie's going to be dressed like a champ.

    1. She can pull it off, too! Edie is always dressed like a champ.


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