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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy back-to-school, everyone!  September means that the grind of making school lunches starts again.  My oldest son gets very tired of sandwiches in his school lunch every day.  He also loves sushi, but I am no whiz at rolling tight, well-formed rolls with the traditional sushi bamboo mats.  One day I came across an intriguing product on Amazon that had a huge number of high reviews: the Sushezi.  Here is how it works:

You basically open the tube, fill it with rice and fillings, compact it slightly and then push out your perfectly-formed cylinder onto a sheet of nori and roll.  It is really, really easy.  Sushezi, in fact.  My kids like taking vegetable ones for lunch and I have found that they are fine made the night before and refrigerated.  My only complaint is that you end up with a slightly larger amount of rice than most sushi, though this is certainly not a negative as far as my three rice-lovers are concerned.  Put it in a cool bento box, and lunch suddenly became more interesting!

And you can find a good sushi rice recipe here.

Anyone have any other interesting things to pack in a lunch box?


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