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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tea seems to understand what kids are looking for in play clothing and somehow brings this it into alignment with what parents want aesthetically.  The clothing is interesting, soft, comfortable and, above all, adaptable.  Layering is easy with Tea because of the wonderful selection of long-sleeve tees and sweaters that are a part of every collection.  When Tea contacted me about writing a post featuring their current China collection, I was happy to participate.  I chose two ensembles for my twins that I thought would highlight the versatility of Tea's clothing.  For Twin A I chose the Fantastic Flight shirtdress and the Pop Art stripe stretch leggings.  Twin B got the Busy Beijing tee and the side stripe pant in ink.  Like all of the Tea play clothes we have ever owned, the knit fabric is soft and the colors are beautiful.

As a general rule, my children do not like having their photos taken and make the most unnatural faces when confronted with a camera.  No exception while taking these shots!   So we resorted to bribery (they each now own a shiny $1 toy from Target) and jumping...

My favorite thing about buying Tea items over a few seasons is that they continue to coordinate through different collections, year after year.  Indigo is Tea's signature color, and there are pieces in indigo every season for both boys and girls.  Below I aimed to show how versatile these pieces are by mixing them with older Tea items.  In the first photo, Twin A is wearing a Happy Henley playdress in indigo with an old purity tea in peacock.  Looks great with the Pop Art stripe leggings.  The next photo shows the Fantastic Flight shirtdress with the Perfect Popover top from Tea's Mexico collection a couple of years back.  The magenta leggings are also from that collection.  The third and fourth photos are a mixture of the Rohkea stripe dress and polka dot leggings from last year mixed with the Fantastic Flight shirtdress and the Pop Art leggings from the current China collection.  Finally, the fifth photo just shows the Fantastic Flight shirtdress with magenta leggings from a couple of years ago (the smaller leggings are stretchy enough to fit for years, albeit at a shorter length).  I am looking forward to having all of these variations on hand because it really reduces the overall number of pieces I need to buy!

Twin B is wearing a persimmon-colored Happy Hoodie from a couple of years ago under the Busy Beijng tee in the photo below.  I find that there are usually shades of indigo, chartreuse and persimmon that pop up year after year and make mixing quite simple.

For those of you who are new to Tea, use coupon code 89YqOIEK to get 15% off of your first order through August 31st (good only for first time Tea customers).  Have a look at the other great pieces in the current China collection because there is certainly a lot to admire.  And three cheers for dressing kids practically and beautifully at the same time!


  1. Beautiful children! Thanks for introducing Tea clothing to me-- my guys are slender and skinny and their clothes fit them well. I've been happy with every Tea purchase.

    1. Thanks for the note. Tea does work well for thin kids... I always like the long, lean cuts of their shirts (especially for boys). So glad that you have liked their clothing!

  2. looking forward to back to school with my daughter's tea dresses.. i always stock up on the next size when they have the $15 dress sale (novemeber/june).. and don't pull them out til "back to school" and very true how the colors coordinate from year to year.. and the layering with legging, or putting the long sleeves under the short sleeve dresses works so well with there clothing. and i've been known to just let her wear the smaller size leggings making them more "cropped" for fall/spring as opposed to winter.

  3. Such great photos, such gorgeous kids. Love seeing them!

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