Dressing up a toddler without spending his college savings...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Little boys can be so picky when it comes to clothing, especially the dressier variety.  If you have a 2-4 year-old, the skies are blue for you today!  Here you will find a fabulous dressier ensemble, including pants, shirt, belt and tie, for under $50 with free shipping.  First off, the pants:

They had me at the colors, but it turns out that these great toddler chinos from Mini Boden have been marked down by 50%, from $34 to $16.98 with free shipping at Nordstrom.   They are available in sizes 2, 3 and 4 years and might just convince your little boy that dressing up is worth his while.  I am hoping that these chinos will solve a certain Sunday morning pre-church clothing problem with a certain 4 year-old at my house...

Oh, do you need an oxford shirt to go with those chinos?  Not to worry, this little blue Oxford shirt is 60% off at Nordstrom, ringing in at just $9.97.  At the time I posted this, it was available in sizes 2 and 4, though you could certainly call your local Nordstrom and send them sleuthing if you need a size 3.  Keep reading.  This is getting better...

Note: the blue Oxford shirt sold out really fast this morning.  Here is another good option for 4 and 5 yr-olds that is just $14.97 at Nordstrom.  J. Crew also has some possibilities in roughly the same price range here (be sure to get the additional 40% discount... see coupon code below).

Now for the finishes.  Accessories?  Is that what boys call them?  For this we will turn to the additional 40% off sale promotion at J. Crew, in the boys' accessories section.  Everything you see above falls between $9 and $12 with the additional 40% off (use coupon code STYLE40).  And shipping is free for all kids' purchases at J. Crew, all the time.  So let's say that you need to start from scratch to dress your toddler boy up this summer (or next spring or summer).  With the pants, shirt, belt and tie you will probably spend under $50.  Pretty good, everyone!

As far as shoes go, I wouldn't push my luck.  If you have successfully put him in all of the finery above and he is still in a good mood, just let him wear a clean pair of Converses.  Like these:
The three colors you see above and more can be found on sale, with free shipping, at 6pm for around $20.  Be sure to use the coupon code 6PMSCHOOL808, which is only good today (8/1) for an additional 10% off your order.


  1. Natalie, thank you for this blog! I happened upon it & now regularly check it before shopping for the little ones. Great deals, great style. Thank you!


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