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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hello, sunshine!  One thing that Tea Collection designers have always seemed to knock out of the ballpark is their choice of good yellows.  Never too buttery, never too garish... just perfect shades of yellow that look good with everything.  The three items above are all 50% off right now at Giggle's summer swimwear and apparel sale (with the coupon code below), putting them in the $15 to $17.50 range.  There are also plenty of other great Tea items in this sale to keep the yellows company (like vermillion and raspberry leggings, for example).  Some come from this summer's collections and some from past seasons.  All are cute.

There are also lots of Zutano pieces in this 50% off sale, including these great cotton knit stripe diaper covers, each just $6.50 after the discount.  These are what every baby should be wearing in the dog days of summer, perhaps with just a sleeveless white bodysuit?  I'm really hoping that someone out there with boy-girl twins will grab a little set of these for a cool $13.  And then please send me a photo.

There are also quite a few swim related pieces, like the little gio fish swim diaper ($7) and stripe terry hoodie cover-up ($13).

Other brands found among the qualifying 50% off items include See Kai Run, Splendid Littles, Hatley, Egg by Susan Lazar and others.  Giggle does a great job of collecting fantastic baby and kid products and then giving their customers plenty of useful information about the items they sell.  This really is a pretty good sale, so have a look and get to know Giggle a little better.

Coupon Code:  SUNSALE50


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