Some great half-priced Zutano items at Amazon...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sometimes I really like some of Zutano's prints for little kids.  The bright, cheerful stripe above is a good example.  These items are all marked down 50% at Amazon right now and would be perfect for small people's daily adventures.  These pieces are available in toddler sizes 2T-4T.  Here are the links:

Tie Waist Pant $28 $14.00
Gnome Hat $24 $12.00

Zutano's baby stuff is pretty great too.  My twins were given a handful of Zutano newborn clothes that I loved.  The prints tend to be miniaturized enough that they don't overpower the infant and the fabric is hefty and soft.  Here is a cute print series of theirs called "little farm" that is currently up to 57% off at Amazon.  I love the little infant gowns enormously for easy diaper changes, and the "little farm" one pictured below is only $12.63 (be sure to click on the "gowns" link to see all of the offerings; some are as low as $11.17).  The reversible Zutano blankets we received as gifts were my absolute favorite.  They never pilled (even after one million and two washes) and kept their shape perfectly.  And just look at that little long-sleeved kimono top (56% off at $10.58)!  Babywear perfection.  Find all of the little farm pieces here.

There are many sale items that I have not highlighted in this post.  Click here to go to Amazon's Zutano store sale and clearance section where you can browse sort by category, discount and price.


  1. Love Zutano! A quick question for you -- we'll be baptizing our daughter (who will be 9 months old) in May...are there any brands that make nice, simple, modern infant dresses? I'm having a hard time wading through all the horrible lace concoctions out there.

    1. Hmm... do you want a traditional, long christening gown? If so, there are some simple but beautiful ones on Ebay right now from Kissy Kissy in size 6-12 months. Here's the URL:

      If you are just looking for a nice regular-length white dress, I would try Kayce Hughes, Neige, Olive Juice, Isabelle Garreton, or even Catimini (I would check all of these on Ebay too). I did a quick search and didn't turn up anything white (I'm assuming that you want white/cream), but I am sure that they must be out there. I'll let you know if I come across anything. Good luck!

    2. I'm actually thinking about just a really nice, simple dress, so those brands are perfect! The one I love right now is this one from Tea Collection,, but I'm not 100% sold on it.

      Off to check the brands you mentioned! Thank you!


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