Olive Juice $10, $15, $20 warehouse sale...

Monday, January 14, 2013

I love the time of year when Olive Juice starts cleaning out their sale merchandise.  Suddenly very pricey kids' clothes fall in price to be on par with Old Navy and Target.  This has just begun... but I will say that if you are very patient, the prices will probably fall lower (if past years can serve as a model for this current year).  However, here are my favorites on round one of price cuts:

$10 category

These fantastic, fantastic cotton tights from Ewers usually cost $28.50, but are only $10!!  The black/navy striped ones are still available in the most sizes and are fantastic, versatile tights.  We own a pair of these from last year's sale and I am constantly amazed at how many colors and patterns they look good with.  Purple/gray is also still available.  You will love the quality of these tights... do not expect holes for a long, long time (as in through wearing by multiple children).

$15 Category

The fabric Olive Juice uses for their stripe knits is weighty and soft.  I love these basics.

loungewear pants $29.50 $15
Gabrielle top $34.50 $15

$20 Category

Now we're getting more interesting.  Some of these items have really been marked down; have a look at where the prices started!

top row
Hannah dress $46.50 $20
Bailey overall $54.50 $20
bobble sweater $48.50 $20

bottom row
sweater jumper $62.50 $20

As I mentioned above, it is very likely that these prices will fall even more, so if you can be patient (and won't be heartbroken if a certain item sells out), hang in there.  Also, check out the $25 category for beautiful, beautiful girls' dresses.  And the $30 category, where the lovely European shoes are hiding.  I hope to feature some of those after the next price cut...

Olive Juice Warehouse Sale


  1. Natalie! Can I tell you how much I love your blog?! I have really benefited from it so much. My kids look pretty cute these days! Anyway, I hope you keep it up, because I think it is so great!

    1. Thank you so much for the note, Becca! It makes me so happy to hear that people are finding useful information here. Enjoy the new week!


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