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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kit+Lili always makes me homesick for Brooklyn.  They hosted the friendliest little sample sales out of their DUMBO offices that were advertised throughout the neighborhood by word of mouth.  It always seemed like a more civilized cousin to the typical frantic, dog-eat-dog sample sale experience. I went the first time expecting to have to push and shove and grab a little, but was met instead by the owner with friendly chit-chat about the playground down the street and a free pair of Umi baby shoes that she was hoping to find a good home for.  And the clothing is so cheery and lovingly hand-printed.

I have posted about my favorite treasure trove of Kit+Lili clothing on Ebay before, but I think it warrants another mention.  I must also admit that I love this Ebay seller so much that I am almost selfishly hesitant to share this information with you all.  But I must... it is that good.  The seller is Classic Wears, and their Ebay shop is Classic Shoes and Stuff.  I have, to date, ordered 5 different items, each of which has arrived in perfect condition in just a few days and the prices have been unbeatable.  Each auction has a "Buy it Now" price, but also has the option to submit your best offer.  I have always chosen to submit an offer and have found that the seller is more than willing to accept almost any reasonable offer (sometimes 40% less than the marked price).  Most of the dresses, shirts and skirts have a suggested price of $19.99 (which is already a huge discount from the Kit+Lili full price for these items) and some are listed at lower prices, but remember that you have the ability to submit an offer on all items.  All ship for free, too.  Classic Wears describes these items as "production samples" and I have noticed slight irregularities in some of the hand-screened prints (Kit+Lili sells almost exclusively hand screen-printed fabrics).   However, none of these slight flaws has been off-putting enough to have made me regret a purchase.  These are lovely, high-quality items and stand out in the vast sea of unimaginative prints and colors out there in children's clothing.

Above you get an taste of the variety offered by this seller (they currently have over 500 Kit+Lili items listed on Ebay).  Below, I offer a closer look at some of my favorites:

Charlotte leaves top in olive, size 18-24 months

I have purchased a dress in the woodgrain print and the olive/turquoise dot fabric and can attest to the fact that these wash beautifully and, if just machine dried for a couple of minutes to get the wrinkles out and then hung to dry, look new wash after wash.  Classic_wears also sells some Tea Collection clothing worth keeping an eye on.  Find all of their Kit+Lili items (with filtering and sorting capabilities) here.  Keep us all posted as to what kind of deals you find at Classic Shoes and Stuff!


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