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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

If you love slippers, I offer you these great non-wool, non-fleece mushroom slippers from Spanish shoemaker Cienta.  I mention the non-wool, non-fleece aspect because I suspect that there are children out there who have chronically warm to hot feet for whom a cooler slipper option would be a godsend.  You may suspect that I was one such child, and you'd be correct!  My parents had to cut out the feet of my footed pajamas because my hot feet prevented me from sleeping as a kid (I still sleep with my feet sticking out of the blankets).  This fabric slipper option is not too toasty, and what is not to love about a mushroom on a child's foot (unless it is a fungal infection, of course)?  These slippers are 50% off, at $19.  And because MyHabit is owned by Amazon, you can use your Amazon username and password to log in and shipping is free, free, free.

I have never felt the sole of these slippers in person, though I wonder if they couldn't also be used as shoes?  I certainly hope so.


  1. Interesting -- I've also noticed these slippers when I was browsing MyHabit inventory on the other day. I thought they were cute, and when I googled the brand to find more information I came across your post.

    Another find of mine was this loafer: -- I did a price comparisong and it seems like a good deal. Looks like sortedby keeps links to myhabit sales after they officially ended. Apparently you can still order items after the end of the sale if you have the link since I was able to order a pair of these loafers yesterday, even though the sale has officially ended weeks ago.

    1. Thanks for the note, Dani. I have not used before... that is great news that you can still access items from closed sales on MyHabit. I'm going to have a look at the loafers you mentioned as soon as I finish writing this. Have a lovely weekend!

    2. Wow! Those loafers are a good deal. I hope you don't mind that I just posted about these, and credited you of course!


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