Another wonderful Converse sale at 6pm...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

6pm is the only place I buy Converses for my small people because their prices are so, so good.  Thanks to 6pm we have a miniature Converse museum here at our house, documenting all of the seasonal colors for the past few years in consecutive sizes from 4 to 13.  I love having a completely machine washable tennis shoe lying around that does not cause a family financial crisis to purchase!  These are the shoes that I send my preschoolers to school in; the ones that get muddy at the playground and splattered with paint at art time.  The seasonal colors that Converse debuted last fall are some of my favorites.  The tomato red and the beautiful parasailing teal seem to just go with everything.  All of the shoes you see above are between $16.99 and $19.99 right now at 6pm and shipping is FREE!  Here is the breakdown by size range and color:

Infant/Toddler Lo-Tops (normally $27)
cherry tomato $16.99, parasailing $16.99, blue ribbon $16.99, Kombu green $16.99, raspberry $16.99

Infant/Toddler Hi-Tops (normally $27)
cherry tomato $16.99, parasailing $16.99, raspberry $16.99

Toddler/Youth Lo-Tops (normally $32)
cherry tomato $19.99, parasailing $19.99, blue ribbon $19.99, Kombu green $19.99, Aruba blue $17.99

Toddler/Youth Hi-Tops (normally $32)
cherry tomato $19.99, parasailing $19.99, blue ribbon $19.99, raspberry $19.99, green $16.99

And don't forget to personalize your Converses with some of the fantastic colored shoe laces from Crewcuts, which are $4 with free shipping.  I like the MacAlister boot laces (22.5") or the adult boot laces (23") for the lo-tops size 7 and under and the kids' sneaker laces (37.5") with lo-tops size 8 and over.  I am fairly certain that the longer sneaker laces would work for the hi-tops in most sizes, though you may want to stick with the boot laces for the infant-sized hi-tops.

Here are the colors of sneaker laces for sizes 8 and up:

All of these shoe laces are $4.  The kids' sneaker laces and the MacAlister boot laces ship for free from J Crew... the men's boot laces in the muted colors do not.  The Converses plus cheerful laces are a perfect recipe for little feet that won't stop dancing!


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