$15 Olive Juice sale...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It is here!  A huge selection of items is now on sale for just $15 at Olive Juice.  Everything pictured above is part of this sale (even the nylon Monroe topper barn jacket).  Shipping is $8.95, flat rate, and free for orders over $175.  If you are looking for really classic, beautiful, high-quality clothes for Old Navy prices, you must have a look at this sale.  The best part of ordering from Olive Juice is that after your order arrives you get to discover all of the charming little details of this clothing that are not apparent from the stock photos (like printed linings, contrast stitching, etc.).  If you are extremely patient, keep in mind that Olive Juice will probably have a $10 sale coming up sometime in the next month or two, though a lot will have sold out by then.  Patience is truly key with Olive Juice and if you can hold out, the deals are amazing!  Even so, the $15 sale is pretty good.  Getting $50-$70 pieces for $15 is nothing to sneeze at.


  1. Just bought a bunch, and am so excited. Thank you thank you!

    1. So glad to hear it. Olive Juice rarely disappoints!


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