Soccer Shoes 50% off at Nordstrom...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I certainly don't think of Nordstrom as the first place I would go to buy my kids' soccer shoes, but apparently I should rethink my prejudice.  All of the shoes you see above are currently 50% off right now and ship for free.  The cheapest of the six pairs above are $12.47!  And the fanciest Nike's at the end of the top row are marked down to $54.98.  Expensive for your little Pele, but they did start at $110!  Now, someone let me know if the ones without cleats are indoor soccer shoes.  The description says that the gum sole "grips the pitch"... are we talking grass?  Is my ignorance demonstrating that I was the WORST soccer player that my high school soccer team ever had?  It is true.


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