What is it about Peter Pan collars?

Monday, November 12, 2012

If you need a perfectly sweet and steady dress for your 2-10 year-old, this one can't fail.  This adorable Peter Pan collar dress from Aioty is on sale for $35 (instead of $62 full price) on Gilt right now.   The dotted one is definitely my favorite, though the gray one is very sensible in a chic librarian sort of way.  Perhaps either dress with orange tights?  Really, really perfect.

Or, perhaps these three dresses from the same sale on Gilt:

The red and the purple one are fine-wale corduroy and the middle burgundy one is... FLEECE!  If you live in a cold place, this might be the best holiday dress ever.  Cute, classic styling and it feels like it was made by Patagonia.  Add some wool tights and boots and that dress is going caroling.  The corduroy dress has been marked down from $69 to $39 and the fleece dress from $71 to $39.  You can browse through all of the items in this sale here.


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