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Friday, November 30, 2012

We will be traveling to a cold, snowy climate for Christmas this year and it dawned on me that my kids may need some serious outerwear for sledding!  I was so happy to see that Amazon is currently running a promotion of up to 70% off of kids' outerwear right now.  I chose a handful of what I thought were the best looking deals from the bunch to post today.  

Above we have a snowsuit for girls and a snowsuit for boys.  The girls' is made by Pink Platinum and is marked down from $110 to $33 (70% off).  Includes coat and snowpants and comes in two colors.  The boys' is from Carter's and is marked down from $100 to $30, also 70% off (note: as of 12/5 the price has increased to $40.50 and it has sold out in all sizes except 2T).  This one comes in three great color combinations.  Both the girls' and the boys' snowsuits pictured above qualify for free shipping on Amazon.  These are perfect if you don't want to go broke playing in the snow!
Need some separates instead of the whole snowsuit?  The jacket pictured above is from London Fog and is marked down from $80 to $24 (70% off) and comes in sizes for 2-7 year-olds and 8-20 year-olds (add $2 for the bigger sizes).  And the snowpants... from Iextreme, at $13.50-$15.00 depending on size, also 70% off.  These come in sizes for toddlers, little kids  and big kids and are available in black, navy and gray for the big kids (though gray is not 70% off).

Going to see the Nutcracker with grandma and the ski coats won't do?  This hooded peacoat from Rothschild will not break the bank either.  70% off at $26.70 with free shipping.  Comes in sizes 7-16 and is also available in black and gray.  Now, I have never seen this coat in person and cannot vouch for the feel of the fabric or the fit, but the price and the free returns make it worth a shot if you need something like this.  Here are some other great options, these two marked down 50%:

Lovely in black and white, both made by Amy Byer.  The polka dot one is $27 and comes in sized 4-6.  The plaid one is $39 and comes in sizes 7-16.
These Amy Byer ruffle-collar beauties are also 50% off at $39.00, with free shipping for girls 7-16.  And if nothing else has tickled your fancy thus far, how about this:

cape, 50% off at $33.50.  This one was made for wearing to the Nutcracker.

If your kids don't need outerwear, here's an idea.  Consider buying some of these items (like the $13.50 snow pants) and donating them to charities clothing needy children in your area.  No child in cold climates should go through the winter without something warm to wear.


  1. I've only been able to wear this once, but when I did it served it's purpose. I did receive a compliment on how it looked, so I'm happy with that. The only issue I have is that it's haven't an outer pockets :(
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