Tea Collection long sleeve basic tee...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You know how every once and a while you find a basic clothing item that is just so far superior to anything out there that it becomes the cornerstone of your wardrobe?  Well, I warrant that you will feel that way about these long sleeve purity tees from Tea Collection.  They are long and lean and the knit fabric has just the right amount of heft to it.  One of my favorite features has always been the width of the neck band as well... it just looks great on little people!  Last winter Tea made these in the lovely, bright shades you see above.  They are vivid, but look wonderful with just about any neutral as well as a million other shades.

Amazon has some of these left from last year at a really good price, with free shipping.  Full price is $26, but the green has been marked down to $9.07, the orange to $13.00, the lemongrass to $13.82 and the peacock blue to $15.35.  However, here is where it gets a bit tricky; you have to choose the correct size from the size menu to see these prices.  These tees are available at the prices I listed above ONLY in baby sizes small (6-12 months), medium (12-18 months) and large (18-24 months).  I recommend ordering them a size big and they will look great because of the slim fit and easily-rollable cuffs.  I bought the green one for my kids last spring and it is the most lovely shade... very similar to the picture.  This is a purchase you will not regret!


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