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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hanna Andersson makes some perfect winter accessories.  Since my babies were small I have used these Hanna Andersson winter pilot caps to keep their heads and ears warm in cold weather.  They are made from a heavy cotton knit and lined in the softest cotton jersey.  You can easily tuck these under a coat hood and they will not shift around!  The best part is that they are not just made for tiny baby heads (though you can buy them in the tiniest sizes); the medium will fit a child up to about 5 years old!  Right now these (and everything else on is 20% off until Sunday.  So this little pilot cap is now $16.80 instead of $24.00.  Not a huge discount, but decent for this point in the season!

And to keep little fingers warm...these perfect little "mouse-sized mittens" that come in the same colors as the pilot caps.  My favorite feature of these has always been the connecting string that you thread through the coat sleeves to keep those mittens from getting lost.  The mittens are made of the same dense cotton knit as the caps and also lined in soft cotton jersey.  Currently $11.20 instead of $16.


  1. just so you know, i LOVE your blog. have yet to get to purchase something in time, but i love the things you find! i found you through angie's blog, and i'm so glad. thanks for all your searching!

    1. Thank you... I'm so happy you found this site!


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