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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Even though we just barely dropped below ninety degrees here in Phoenix, these were on my mind today as the colder temperatures approach elsewhere in the country.  I loved mitten clips as a kid and I love them even more dearly as a parent.  So much frustration avoided; those little mittens stay firmly attached to the sleeve of the coat.  Plus, is there anything cuter than a little kid running along with his/her clipped-on mittens flapping behind?  These bring me back to a simpler time of moon boots and Trapper Keepers.  Mitten clips are a reminder of how innocently little minds wander from keeping track of belongings to more important things like games of tag and giggling with friends.  Just plain cute.

From Bella Tunno, $8 from Amazon with free shipping.  Prefer solid colors, as shown below?  Click here.


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