Keen Santiago sneakers for $13 today...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

6pm is having a $13 sale right now, and one sale item in particular caught my eye.  Keen has a sneaker line called Santiago that is a sort-of Bensimon/Superga hybrid, at a fraction of the cost!  These cute little shoes come in four styles: lace-up (the infant/toddler sizes of the lace-up have a cute velcro strap over the top of the laces), slip-on (these almost look like Vans), U-gore and Mary Jane.  I love the corduroy in particular!  Sweet grape, a deep purple, is one of those colors that I have found goes with absolutely everything.  The colors are great and the current price of $13 with free shipping is unbeatable!  These retail around $25-$35.  Plus, Keen donates $5 of every pair to HybridLife Hope program, providing loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries.  Here are some examples of the vast array of colors and sizes available right now on 6pm (note that I did not show all colors):

Options organized by color and style:

Sweet Grape: lace ( youth, toddler/youth, infant/toddler), slip-on ( toddler/youth, youth)
Living Coral: lace (toddler/youth, youth), U-gore (youth)
Midnight canvas:  lace (youth, toddler/youth, infant/youth), slip-on (youth, toddler/youth)
Midnight corduroy: lace (youth, toddler/youth, infant/toddler) slip-on (youth, toddler/youth)
Potting Soil corduroy (brown): lace (youth, toddler/youth, infant/toddler), slip-on (youth, toddler/youth)
Gargoyle (gray): lace (youth, toddler/youth)
Ceramic (aqua blue): lace (youth, toddler/youth), U-gore (youth, toddler/youth), Mary Jane (infant/toddler), slip-on (youth)
Black: U-gore (youth, toddler/youth), Mary Jane (infant/toddler), slip-on (toddler/youth)
Lilac Sachet (pink): U-gore (youth, toddler/youth), Mary Jane (infant/toddler), lace with velcro (infant/toddler)

The $13 sale ends tonight at midnight, so don't delay!!


  1. I missed out on the Bensimon sale on Gilt the other week - but for my little toddler who will destroy the shoe in a month, and won't know the difference in brands, this sale is even better. Thanks for posting!!

    1. Perfect price for a toddler, right? I hope these work out well. Thanks for the note, Colleen!

  2. Oh thank you for this heads up!!! I just bought two pairs for my daughter. I have such a hard time finding shoes for her because she's 2yrs and still wearing a size 4 (or 3!!). Not many brands make shoes that small which will hold up to a walking kid.

    1. I would love to see them on those tiny, tiny feet! So glad you found something. In fact, you are lucky because you should have the best luck with high-end clearance shoes... they always seem to be left over in size 4. I'm thinking of shoes like this (in case you are still looking):

      I hope that the Keens work perfectly!


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