Extra 40% off sale in stores at Gap...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I normally would not post about a gap in-store promotion, but the styles available in this current sale were  too exceptional to ignore:

Toddler Girls (ages 1-5)


It has been quite a while since I have made a trip to the mall to go to Gap Kids or Baby Gap, though I may be headed over there this week to hunt down an item or two from among the above images.  Until Tuesday, October 30th, all sale items are an additional 40% off.  And everything I included above is on sale.  I am in love with the brown/red/camel collection for toddler girls.  The pieces are extremely easy to pair and the combinations are imaginative and plenty.  The stripy sweater one-pieces for babies are cheery and cozy, and someone please make that fabulously-hued green and citron polka-dot dress in women's sizes!  Gap outdid itself, so hurry into a store an see what you can find.  I refrained from listing prices above because this additional discount does not apply to online purchases.  I also didn't want to mislead anyone because prices so often seem to be slightly different in the store than online.  However, once the additional 40% discount is applied, everything becomes a great deal!  Start crossing some of that holiday shopping off your list before Tuesday comes to a close.


  1. I am taking a class on internet and audience profiling and the company I am researching is The Gap. This was the worst idea ever because I am not getting any of my homework done...I'm just browsing lady blogs and buying clothes from gap.com

    I have now spent 1 hour on your website when I should be writing my paper. AAAAAARRRGGHHH!

    Anyways, I am now a new fan, thanks to UC Irvine. So happy I found your page!

    1. I would love to read your paper, Shauna! Interesting topic. So sorry for any lost time, but so glad you found this blog! Best of luck with your studies...

  2. I headed over to Gap yesterday afternoon and picked up some of these darling pieces! Hooray!

    1. Oh, good! I'm glad that someone is taking advantage of this sale... I have not had time to go and fear I may miss out. Hope you are all well!


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