Wesenjak Austrian wool slippers for the whole family...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wesenjak (pronounced "VAY-zen-yak") slippers have become essential winter footwear at our house.  We each have a pair.  Have you ever worn boiled wool slippers? They are wonderful because they absorb moisture from sweaty feet and do not overheat your toes due to their exceptional breathability.  They are extremely durable, lightweight and very comfortable.  And, as a bonus, they are washable!!  This came in handy the day that one of my children threw up on a pair.  I started buying these for my kids when they were new walkers because of how well they stay on little feet and for the gummy sole that gives toddlers sure footing on wood and tile floors.  There are a few different styles of these available at Sierra Trading Post right now, though the price on these cuffed booties was the best.  Sierra Trading Post always carries these slippers and often restocks, and so it is worth keeping an eye on their colors, sizes and prices.  I have seen them, with added promotions, drop below $10 a pair!

Right now, Sierra Trading Post is offering a coupon keycode that gives you 30% off the listed price.  This means that, with the additional discount, these cuffed bootie slippers will cost you $10.47 for kids, $15.72 for adults (retail price hovers around $50).  The moccasin styles are $15.72 for kids and $14.67 for adults.  Shipping costs vary with order size and returns are accepted, for any reason, for six months.   Here's to warm, happy feet!

Discount Keycode: SFBMM9112
expires tonight (9/7) at 11:59 pm MDT


  1. Thanks for the tips. I have just added this to my sites to check daily. Keep 'em coming!


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