Tea indigo baby leggings for $11...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

If you have been buying Tea Collection clothing for a while, you know that indigo is a color that they offer every single season, for boys and girls.  It is their trademark shade and it goes with everything thanks to its perfect mixture of blue and black.  You may also have noticed that the indigo leggings hardly ever go on sale because they are such a versatile season-less staple.  Well, Amazon has these elusive indigo leggings for babies sizes 6-24* months on sale for $11.00, 50% off retail price.  And because they are sold and shipped by Amazon, shipping is free!  They tend to run a little short, so order up a size or two (they are tight enough around the ankles that the extra length doesn't detract).  They are super stretchy, but don't get baggy in the knees or bottom.

When you look for the $11 pairs on Amazon (see link above), just remember that you have to choose the color, indigo, and then click on the sizes "small" (fits 6-12 months), "medium" (fits 12-18 months) or "large" (fits 18-24 months)* to find the deal.  Sometimes Amazon can be a bit confusing and the clothing items can be badly labeled.  Case in point: the header for these leggings says that they are "radish" color, size 12-18 months.  This seems to be an error based on the offerings in several colors and sizes.  You won't be sorry you bought these and may even go back for a second pair!

*Note:  I mistakenly had the sizes wrong in a previous version of this post... Tea Collection baby sizes are XXS (0-3 mos), XS (3-6 mos), S (6-12 mos), M (12-18 mos), L (18-24 mos).  So sorry if there was any confusion... I hope that you caught the error before ordering!  If not, Amazon offers free returns and you should feel free to leave me a nasty comment.  Many apologies!


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