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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ducksday rain & snow suit $125 $70 

The Belgian kids' outerwear company Ducksday makes smart clothing in versatile layers that works for both rainy and snowy conditions.   The concept is quite Scandanavian: you buy a warm, breathable, moisture-wicking and insulating under-layer and then add a breathable waterproof/windproof outer layer for protection against the elements.  Add some seriously cute patterns and colors, and you have Ducksday!!  I daydream about this clothing for my small people as I sit here in Phoenix, Arizona where we have about three minutes of inclement weather a year.  But I know that some of you live in areas where rain and snow are big factors.  For rain, try the one-piece rain & snow suits above.  If it is cold or snowy, add one of the fleece coveralls (pictured below in those awesome colors) underneath.  The one-piece items come in sizes that range from 6 months to 5 years.

Ducksday fleece coverall $59 $32 

And for kids from 5-10 years old, try these separate jackets and pants combos below:
Ducksday jacket & pants set $174 $99
And now a word on cost.  These items do not fit the profile of most things on The Diminutive Review in that they are on the pricey side.  However, sometimes there are great quality items that just need to be highlighted based on their merit!  Ducksday has thought of everything, even down to the reflective silver taping that make your child more visible to headlights.  This is the kind of solid, unisex outerwear that will be handed down from kid to kid to kid, so it might be worth the investment.  I also like to  spread the word about good brands that may not be so well known.  The good news is that these Ducksday pieces are not full price; they are all about 43%-44% off right now on Gilt.  You need to be a member to purchase items on Gilt, but it is free to join and I do occasionally find a steal hidden in their sales (once I got a $60 Egg by Susan Lazaar denim girls' dress for 50 cents on Gilt... no kidding).  But, like all sales on Gilt, this Ducksday extravaganza will not last forever.  Sale ends 9/29.

Three cheers for getting our kids outside to play in any weather!


  1. I'm so glad to have found out about this brand! We live in North Dakota and certainly know the value of some quality winter wear.

    1. I can only imagine what your winters must be like in North Dakota! You'll have to enjoy Ducksday for me. I just can't come up with a good justification for ordering this stuff for my kids (it's going to be about 100 degrees today here in Phoenix...). Thanks for the note and best to you and your family!

    2. Natalie and theweckerlys-

      We want to let you both know that DucKsday gear is now available in the US full-time! We had Ducksday for our own children and decided to open because we found nothing like it. It applies the layering concept that many adults use for comfortable winter dressing. The BONUS is that Ducksday layers for kids have many other uses! My little one uses his fleece as a playsuit on a chilly day. In spring and fall we use just the shell as a rainsuit, or on windy days at the beach it keeps him warm without being hot and sticky - because the fabric is soft and breathable, not plastic feeling. With the multiple uses and details that help each size wear longer, Ducksday is a great value in children's outerwear!

    3. Thanks, Lin! I have actually visited your website before and am so glad that you are selling Ducksday! Keep me posted as to any promotions you have and I will be sure to post them on this blog. I love Ducksday. Happy holidays!

  2. For those of you living in a warmer climate:
    check the ducksday summer collection !
    Available as from april 2013 !
    Designer Ducksday


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