Don't pay the Crewcuts price for this...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I really love the Timex kids' camper watch sold by Crewcuts (J. Crew's kids' store).  It has great vintage appeal and a cool interchangeable band.  The Crewcuts $50 price, however, is too high for a watch that my kids are going to lose or break.  A few years ago, I decided to try to find this watch somewhere else and started with Amazon.  As it turns out, I also ended my search with Amazon.  They carry the same watch, with a slightly longer strap, for $25... half the price of J. Crew!  Now, that seems like a slightly more reasonable price for a kids' watch.  I'll also add that it is worth keeping an eye on the Amazon price because I have seen it fall as low as $18 and it qualifies for free Super Saver shipping (and Amazon Prime shipping, of course).

 The band on the Amazon version has buckle holes punched for an adult wrist.  But, you can either punch smaller ones or remove the nylon strap and replace it with one of the uber-cool ones from Crewcuts (which ship for free).  They even have one on sale for $4.90 until Friday, when the price goes up to $6.99 (use 30% off coupon code MUSTSHOP).  Turns out that there are even other colors of this watch (see below)!  Retail price on is $38, though most retailers sell these closer to $25.  This watch also looks great on adult wrists; I occasionally borrow it from one of my small people!

blue available here, black available here, white available here


  1. I love this watch. I bought the black one for myself last year from Amazon.

    1. The black one is great. I was just looking through some of the other Timex watches on Amazon and now have four or five more favorites...


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