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Monday, September 10, 2012

I have noticed over the past few months that some of the kids' American Apparel items on Amazon have been really cheap, as in 'I am sure that that this is a mistake' kind of cheap.  Here are some of the best deals I found today:

top row, L to R:
webbing belt, all colors: $2.50, Helvetica "N" tee : $3.00, full woven skirt in red gingham and blue gingham (except size 4): $10, two color tights (2-4 years) in sangria/asphault: $3.00

bottom row, L to R:
Opaque footless tights in light poppy (all sizes) and sand dollar (6-8 only): $3.00, stripe raglan pullover in cappucino (2 and 4 years): $5.00 and $6.00, respectively, purple (2 yr is $7.00)

All of these items are between 50% and 80% off.  Shipping is not free, though $5.00 will cover multiple American Apparel items in an order (not $5.00 per item).  Amazon's clothing and shoe item description interface is not always easy to navigate.  You often have to click through each size/color combination to see the different prices and this can be a bit tedious (this is why I tried to be specific on sizes and colors available at the low price).  Please note that there are many other styles (as well as letters other than 'N') in the Helvetica letter series for kids and many of them are on sale as well... they are worth looking at (they have a onesie, tees for older kids, etc.).  I was especially pleased to see the low price of the cappuccino stripe raglan pullover... yes, this is the one that you see everywhere (in magazines, TV commercials, etc.).  AA makes it in all sizes and for all genders in both pullover styles and hoodies, though I have never seen it for $6 and under!  It is a great color in person.  And who doesn't love a full woven skirt on a little girl?  At this price, I am particularly smitten.


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